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The following changes have been made to the sites in
The Web-Savvy Student. The changes have been added to the list of links for the book, so you can just go to that page and link directly to the
new or modified sites when you use the book.

updated August 17, 2004

Activity 1: Interpreting URLs

2. The URL has changed to http://www.media-awareness.ca/english/teachers/index.cfm.

3. Use http://www.ca.gov/state/portal/myca_homepage.jsp

4. Use http://www.voteenvironment.org.

5. Use http://www.harvard.edu/admissions.

Activity 2: Choosing Web Sites for Research Projects

Research Project 1, Site 1:

The URL has changed to http://www.monticello.org/plantation/hemingscontro/hemings_report.html.

Research Project 1, Site 3:

Jefferson’s Secret Life is no longer available. Instead, use  http://www.ishipress.com/slaves.htm.

Research Project 2, Site 3:

The "ETs and Dolphins Connected? You decide for yourself!" site is no longer available. Use this page instead: http://www.dawoodi-bohras.com/multipageboard/messages/3458.html#followups.

Activity 3: Online Advertising and Marketing

On Teacher's page:

The URL for Online Marketing to Kids has changed to http://www.media-awareness.ca/english/teachers/wa_teachers/kids_for_sale_teachers/marketers_target_kids_t.cfm.

On Student Activity page:

1. National Geographic World Magazine is now NG Kids: http://www.nationalgeographic.com/ngkids/index.html.

2. McDonaldland has been changed to http://www.ronald.com.

Activity 4: Evaluating Web Sites

Austin Internet Access has been changed to http://www.austintx.com.

Activity 7: Searching the Web

NoodleQuest has changed to http://www.noodletools.com/noodlequest.

Nueva Library Help is no longer available. Use http://www.noodletools.com/debbie/literacies/information/5locate/adviceengine.html.

Activity 8: E-Mail and Chat Rooms

For Teachers: Safe Passage has changed to http://www.media-awareness.ca/english/teachers/wa_teachers/safe_passage_teachers/index.cfm. Students should use this page to find out about E-Mail and Chat Rooms. They'll see links to both topics at the bottom of the page.