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Curriculum Adventures

National Parks Live!

Table of Contents

Activity 1

Public Lands and the National Park Service

Activity 2

The History and Creation of the National Parks

Activity 3

Important Issues in the National Parks

Activity 4

Endangered Species in the Parks

Activity 5

The History and Landscape of Acadia

Activity 6

The Everglades and Wetlands Ecosystems

Activity 7

Life in the Historic Smoky Mountains

Activity 8

Exploring Mammoth Cave

Activity 9

Geology and History in Big Bend

Activity 10

Taking the Family to Rocky Mountain National Park

Activity 11

The Ancient Cultures of Mesa Verde

Activity 12

The Geological Oddities of Yellowstone

Activity 13

School Field Trip to the Grand Canyon

Activity 14

A Road Trip Through the National Parks of Utah

Activity 15

Hiking in Joshua Tree

Activity 16

The Channel Islands and Their Inhabitants

Activity 17

Yosemite: Too Many Visitors?

Activity 18

Sustaining the Old Growth Forest

Activity 19

Wildlife and the Oil Business in Alaska

Activity 20

A Trip to Hawaii