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Curriculum Adventures

Geography Online

Table of Contents

Activity 1

Landforms and Bodies of Water

Activity 2

Latitude and Longitude

Activity 3

Make Your Own Weather Map

Activity 4

Maps: Different Ways to  Show the Same Things

Activity 5

Trees: Old, Tall, and Just Plain Huge

Activity 6


Activity 7

The Water Cycle

Activity 8

The World's Biomes

Activity 9

Zoo Habitats

Activity 10

Countries: Do First Impressions Count?

Activity 11

English Around the World

Activity 12

Place Names in the United States and Canada

Activity 13

Kids in Japan

Activity 14

Life in the City

Activity 15

Old and New World Foods

Activity 16

Traffic Jams and Smog

Activity 17

The World's Population: Birth and Death Rates

Activity 18

Where in the World: A Map Quiz Activity

Activity 19

Helping the Earth and Its People

Activity 20

Environmental Change