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Curriculum Adventures

The following changes have been made to the sites in the revised 2003 edition of Geography Online: Internet Student Activities. The changes have been added to the list of links for the book, so you can just go to that page and link directly to the new or modified sites when you use the book.

Activity 1: Landforms and Bodies of Water

B1) Please use this Grand Canyon site: http://www.nps.gov/grca/pphtml/nature.html

Activity 4: Maps: Different Ways to Show the Same Things

A) The Peters Projection map can be seen at http://www.petersmap.com.

C) Use http://www.microcolour.com/us008.htm or http://www.rossmaps.com/north_america_whole_sanson_3659.htm to see a map of North America from 1650.

Activity 6: Volcanoes

A1) The USGS site is no longer available, but students may find information at http://volcano.und.nodak.edu/vw.html if they can't answer their questions at the Earthforce site.

Activity 13: Kids in Japan

A2) The Kids Window "Language Lab" has changed to "Say it in Japanese": http://web-jpn.org/kidsweb/say.html. Have students select Lesson 1 and go to the bottom of the page. Have them copy one of the words or phrases on your worksheet (it might be hard, as they are very small). Then have them click on the word or phrase to hear it. They should proceed to answer the rest of the questions on page 60 of the book.

B1) "Welcome to Our School" has changed to http://web-jpn.org/kidsweb/life.html.

The Nagatsuka Elementary School page is no longer available.

Web 66 is currently unavailable. We will let you know when and if it returns.

Activity 14: Life in the City

B1) Through the Eyes of a Child has changed to   http://www.kodak.com/US/en/corp/features/eyesOfAChild/eyes1.shtml.

C3) The UNICEF Voices of Youth page is still worth looking at, but it no longer has the pictures of cities.

Activity 15: Old and New World Foods

B) Native American recipes has changed to http://www.kstrom.net/isk/food/recipes.html

Activity 18: Where in the World?

B1) The Biome Map is no longer available. The Biomes of the World ("What's It Like Where You Live?") page has changed to http://mbgnet.mobot.org/sets/index.htm

Activity 19: Helping the Earth and Its People

A) 7 Steps for Kids to Take has changed to http://kids.ran.org/kidscorner/action/s01_seven.htm.

C) UNICEF Kids' Cards is no longer available.