Which Way Should I Go?: Traveling Across the United States

Simulation for Grades 3-8

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Do you want your students to gain a better sense of direction within the United States while learning about some of the country's major cities and regions? This simulation reviews the 8 directions (N,S,E,W,NE,SE,NW,SW) while providing a regional geography of the United States through the Web sites of 18 cities and their environs.

Students will "travel" from the east to the west coast via these 18 cities. Beginning in Boston, they'll be told which city they should visit next and asked to indicate which direction they'll have to travel to get to that city. If they choose incorrectly, they'll be informed that they've arrived at another city and asked to try again. Once they've reached a destination city, they'll be given links to Web sites describing things to do, historic sites, and significant landmarks in and around that city. Naturally, some cities will have more sites than others, but all cities will have at least two sites to explore. They will then be asked to determine which direction to travel to the next city, and so on.

Students will need a United States road atlas or a good United States map to figure out the directions.


Curriculum Suggestions

You can decide how to integrate this simulation into your curriculum. Below are some suggestions as to how you can direct students to use the simulation:


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