United States History
Grades 4-8

Ten Internet-based student activities ask students to think critically about topics in United States history to 1900. Students will write letters back to England from Jamestown, determine the four most important events of the Revolutionary War, interpret pictures of the Transcontinental Railroad from different multicultural perspectives, and decide whether they should venture from their eastern homes into the unknown promises of Gold Rush territory. Each activity is linked to the National History Standards and contains objectives and assessment recommendations.

The Author

Betsy Hedberg is a credentialed teacher who has taught 8th and 12th grade social studies in Los Angeles area public schools. She has written Internet-based lesson plans and student activities for the K-12 social studies and science curriculum. Her clients include National Geographic, PBS Online, Scantron Quality Computers/Brighter Paths, Classroom Connect, Newsbank, Magellan Geographix, the Social Studies School Service, American Cybercasting/Educational Structures, and New Millennium Computing Services. Many of these activities appear in print publication, including Teaching Social Studies with the Internet, (Classroom Connect New Media, 1996), Teaching Holocaust Studies with the Internet (Classroom Connect New Media, 1997), and Internet Lesson Plans for Elementary School (Brighter Paths, 1997). In addition, she instructs teachers in using computers and integrating technology into the curriculum, develops Web sites, creates annotated lists of educational Web sites, and reviews educational books and CD-ROMS. In 1997 she founded Curriculum Adventures, a curriculum development company specializing in online student activities for Geography and other subjects. Curriculum Adventures offers student activities for purchase on this site.

Betsy Hedberg earned a Single Subject Teaching Credential from Loyola Marymount University and a Master of Arts in Geography from UCLA. Her graduate studies provided extensive research experience which has proven invaluable in subsequent undertakings.



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