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The following changes have been made to the sites in
Critical Thinking Internet Activities: Ancient and Medieval History.
The changes have been added to the list of links for the book,
so you can just go to that page and link directly to the
new or modified sites when you use the book.

(updated September 2, 2004)

Activity 1

Instead of the Archaeology page listed in the book, use http://www.rom.on.ca/digs/munsell. Have students answer questions 1b) - 1d).

They won't be able to answer question 2, but you can have them go through the simulation (click "Start" at the bottom of the page) to practice some of their own archaeology.

Activity 2

Ancient Mesopotamia (the second site) is no longer available.

"Mesopotamia Info." (the fourth site) is no longer available, so use Ancient Mesopotamia: http://www.ed.psu.edu/k-12/edpgs/su96/meso/mesopotamia.html

Activity 3

The Ancient India site (from Penn Charter School) is no longer available.

The Virtual Tour of Mohenjo-Daro (Mojenjo-Daro) is now available at http://www.harappa.com/indus/1.html.

Activity 4: Egyptian Art and Daily Life

The Ancient Egyptian Art page has been changed to http://www.emory.edu/CARLOS/COLLECTION/EGYPT

Activity 5: Comparing Ancient Greece and Rome

"Comparison of costumes" is no longer available.

Greek Waterworks is no longer available.

The Forvm Romanvm is no longer available.

Tour Ancient Rome is no longer available.

Daily Roman Life is not available. Instead, use Daily Life in Ancient Rome: http://members.aol.com/bkdonnclass/Romelife.html.

As a substitute for some of the "extinct" Web sites, use Ancient Empires: http://library.thinkquest.org/CR0210200, which was created by students and contains information on both Greece and Rome.

Activity 6: Polynesian and Micronesian Navigation

Celestial Navigation Before 1400 has been changed to  http://www.ruf.rice.edu/~feegi/astro.html  

Activity 7: The Mayan Calendar

Section 5: The Ancient Maya page (from Penn Charter School) is no longer available.

Activity 9: African Trade

On The Line - Sahara has changed to http://www.oxfam.org.uk/coolplanet/ontheline/explore/nature/deserts/sahara.htm

The Living Africa is no longer available.

Unfortunately, Econopolis is no longer available. Instead, give your students a brief overview of the concept of supply and demand, and discuss products they can think of as stated in the book. Examples you might want to give in your overview include:

high supply (lots available), low demand (little wanted): last year's leftover clothing fashions

high demand (lots wanted), low supply (little available): the latest "blockbuster" video game that's often sold out at the stores

high supply, high demand: school supplies (point out that there's a high demand for these items even if kids don't want to buy them - since they're required to buy them, the demand remains high)

Activity 10: A Modern Medieval Castle

Thinkquest: Journey Through the Middle Ages is no longer available.

Ian's Land of Castles can now be found at http://inside.bard.edu/academic/specialproj/darling/castle/castles.htm.